key terms

Species classifications:
Odonata - scientific order which is composed of dragonflies and damselflies
Anisoptera - suborder, describes dragonflies
Zygoptera - suborder, describes damselflies

Aeshnid - belonging to the family Aeshnidae, common names for these species frequently include the word "darner"
Epithecan - belonging to the genus Epitheca, in the family Corduliidae, members of this genus are commonly referred to as baskettails
Sympetrum - belonging to the genus Sympetrum, in the family Libellulidae, members of this genus are commonly referred to as meadowhawks

Developmental state classifications:
egg - same as every other non-verb definition of an egg...doy
naiad/nymph - underwater odonate form, the majority of an odonate's life is spent in this stage, during this stage the insect has several instars, or molts
exuvia - the final molt casing left behind when an odonate emerges and begins its aerial life
teneral - newly-emerged odonate, insect's color is not at full intensity
juvenile - odonate life-stage after teneral, the insect is not yet sexually mature, its wings have a shiny appearance
immature - incapable of reproducing sexually
mature - capable of reproducing sexually
odonate - a general term for dragonfly or damselfly, regardless of developmental state

...more to come...