Wednesday, May 18, 2011

summer break

Hi all.  Well, spring is here and summer is next.  You know what that means!  Neither do I, but I have other news anyway:  I am moving to China at the end of June.  This means a lot for the Colleyville Dragonfly Museum.  As some may know, the museum is located in the bedroom of my parent's house.  My parents have recently informed me that they are going to take over my room while I am gone.  Thus...admission to the museum will be temporarily suspended to the general public.  Case-by-case appeals for entry can be made by contacting me via a note on this blog entry.

Expansion of the museum will also be halted while I am away.  I realized today while walking that I have too much work to do before I leave for China and I cannot keep accumulating specimens--even the specimens I already have have not received enough care and attention; there are literally over 100 specimens sitting in shoeboxes on the ground because I have nowhere to put them right now.

I'm sorry for this distressing news.  Blog entries will probably continue as I try to share pictures and information about our winged friends.  My stomach has just informed me that I must eat or I will die, so this entry is going to be cut short.  Goodbye for now.


  1. Wait, I have to go to China to see the Museum now?? Is this because of the GOVERNMENT BUDGET CUTS???

  2. Eric, the museum will still be in Colleyville, it is just being temporarily boxed and relocated to the closet. It is not from government budget cuts as this has always been a personal project.

    The US government thrice refused to fund the CDM due to the fact that I am not a licensed scientist AND they don't see the importance of dragonflies to national security.

    If you absolutely need to see the museum for some pseudo-religious/spiritual reason, please contact me.

    Best of luck in a world with one less bit of awesome...